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Become a Member

Join the Cross Church Family

Welcome to the Family!

If you're loving what we do here, why not officially become a member of our church?

At Cross Church, we consider our members as owners. We don't look membership as "what do I get," but as a "partner with us." We are excited about your faith journey and are committed to helping you grow in your faith and in your relationships.

Here's what our membership process looks like:

  1. Membership info session- we hold a short, informal session to make sure potential candidates are indeed interested in the process.
  2. Membership class (usually completed in 1-2 sessions). Attendance at a membership class is mandatory to take on membership.
  3. Application process. This includes a form and an interview with one of our elders.
  4. Membership ceremony and reception- once your application and interview are complete, we throw a party and have a special ceremony to announce to the rest of the Cross Church family that you've become a member.

To get started with the membership process, simply fill out the card below, and our Discipleship Pastor, Chris Zielke will contact you in the next couple of days.